Apply for a 6 Figure Job Through Twitter Only

Will you consider an applicant who applies through his tweet? One company will.


Apply for a Job With a Tweet

To write an impressive resume and a comprehensive one is one of most applicants’ weapon in getting themselves the job of their dreams.  These days however, getting a job gets more and more paperless.

In this digitalized world, companies and applicants connect differently. Applicants email soft copies of their resumes. Job sites abound where one needs only to input all his credentials. There is of course LinkedIn which I once read that it almost seems unprofessional if you don’t have one.

Definitely one’s online presence on social media can affect one’s shot at getting a job. Whether it is a not-so-appealing picture of your night out on Facebook or an outreach program you organized featured in your local area’s website,  it might affect your job hiring. However getting hired on Twitter alone is something a company has not done yet.

Until now.

Enterasys, a wireless network provider will hire an employee for a 6 figure pay through Twitter. No paper resumes and no emails either-solely Twitter.

Aside from the 140-character application, one must have a Klout score higher than 60, a Kred influence not lower than 725 and an outreach of at least 8 and of course more than 1000 active followers on Twitter.  The company aims to hire by April.

As the vacancy  is for a senior social media position, it seems apt that the employee already has well established his online presence.

What about you? Will you consider hiring someone through Twitter or Facebook only? If you are considering for a marketing position, is it worth a try?

See more info on its feature on Business Insider


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