Will the European Parliament’s Vote on the Data Protection Policy Be Good for the SMEs?


EU on its Data Protection Policy

MEPs will vote today on the proposed policy for data protection and online privacy.

EU’s proposed data protection policy  has raised questions amongst the SMEs in the region. The particular regulation to which companies processing more than 500 data subjects yearly must appoint a data protection officer will cost a lot for the small medium businesses.

At present, the member states have their own laws regarding online privacy. EU is proposing revisions to have a single set of rules on data protection and online privacy through the region.

This data protection policy has come up due to Google’s change of privacy policies last year.  Google’s privacy rules allows the search engine to pool data from all its users spanning its different services such as YouTube, Gmail and Google +. Users have no options.  EU’s data protection regulators sees this as a high risk. EU27 has proposed 12 practical recommendations to such policy.

CNIL, the French data regulator and representing Ireland and the other member states said that Google has not addressed the issues. Google on the other hand reported that they have responded with steps to address the issues.

In response to the SMEs organizations’ request for a change of some of the policies, Fine Gael   MEP Sean Kelly an in interview with IrishTimes said that the important restrictions on small and medium-sized have been reduced.  They see no opposing principles between protection of human rights and allowing business development; they have kept the fundamentals of the policy.

What will be today’s vote? What do you think will be its impact to these SMEs


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