EUs Proposed Policy for Data Protection May Be Costly for SMEs


EU’s data protection policy may be a high cost for SMEs

The UEAPME,  the European crafts and SMEs organization, has asked the European Parliament’s LIBE Committee   on a change of their proposed policy for data protection.

The Parliament is set to vote today on this said data protection policy. While awaiting for the results let’s take a quick look at UEAPME views who have spoken of their disagreement with it.

The regulation that all legal persons who process more than 500 data subjects yearly must designate a data protection officer affects SMEs in a negative light.  Lux Hendrickx, Enterprise Policy Director says that the organization is not totally against having a set of rules for data protection. Instead, they are only asking for a workable set of rules for these SMEs.  The data protection levy will in EU’s computation will approximately cost each company 250 EUR per hour; this extra cost may possibly harm SMEs.

The UEAPME has urged the Parliament to revert to the exemption for SMEs.  There are about 88 member organizations,12 million enterprises and 55 million employees in this organization.

Do you think they will be heard? Let us wait and see what will be achieved in today’s election.


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