Online Match-Up Sites For Entrepreneurs

Are you looking for a business partner? Why not join match-up sites. 


Start Up Entrepreneurs Find Matches Online

Online dating has been geared towards singles who are looking for their partners in life. Yet now, online dating sites for future business partners are becoming an IN thing. Yes. Entrepreneurs are into online dating now too..

Why not? Business relationships like personal relationships also require chemistry. Just like finding a boyfriend or a girlfriend, looking for the right business partners requires finding someone with the same views as yourself, with skills and values that complements yours as well as having the trust for each other.

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur looking into finding someone to co-found a startup with? Here are some online matchup sites for you.

FounderDating Established by Jessica Alter & Saar Gur more than 3 years ago. It is free to apply but once accepted there is a $50 one time fee. Comprised of 50% engineers, the site screens applicants carefully to keep a balance in their quality and skills set.

StartUps Emerging From FounderDating: Yabbly, Fantasy Brain, Signature Labs and Voxgift Winston 

CoFounder Lab The website was launched in Nov 2011 by  Shahab Kaviani and Culin Tate  . All you need to do is fill out a profile, put all personal info, industry details, skills sets and other information that you want to show. They also hold in-person meetups. It requires no fee to join although they offer Pro accounts with more features to avail from.

CollabFinder Spearheaded by Sahadeva Hammari, the site also facilitates the match-ups for co-founders. Whether you are a serious entrepreneur looking for a business partner, a scientist looking for a designer or even a musician looking for a partner to produce music with, CollabFinder is another place for you to join. There is no sign up fee required.  Only add your profile and post your project.

Startups that emerged from CollabFinder : Maker’s Row 

Are you looking into a new start-up, a side project or something in between? Do you think these online match-up sites are a good resource for you?


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