One Fine Stay

 “Stay in a home with the service of a hotel”…is this a new trend in the hospitality industry?

Launched in 2009 by Greg Marsh, One Fine Stay is a website that lets you stay in someone else’s house for at least $200 a night. Not only will guests get the comfy feeling of home, but will also get the hotel service.

One Fine Stay finds homeowners who also want to earn extra cash while they are away on some vacation. Houses available are located in New York City and London although they are planning to expand in Europe and some other cities in the US.

one_fine_stayThe company helps these owners prepare their homes for the guests at the same    time help them preserve their privacy and personal life. Owners get to keep their   anonymity as well as the renters themselves.

What’s an add-on to the fun is that these are also homes decorated professionally and also offer beautiful views. Guests can request for a maid service or they can call One Fine Stay 24/7. Of course, change of linens and toiletry provisions are included.  And yes, since it offers the comforts of home, the company makes sure that they do not feel like tourists. Providing each house with an iPhone, guests can check the homeowners’ recommendations and personal favorites of the local restaurants and other places to visit.

Interested to rent a home? Or perhaps would you like to list your house instead?



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