Yahoo CEO, Marissa Mayer’s 3 Keys For Company Growth

In an interview during the 2013 World Economic Forum Annual Meeting at Davos,Switzerland, Marissa Mayer,  Yahoo CEO, talks about the importance of  culture, design and innovation for a company to grow. 

Here are some things she pointed out:

marissa mayer yahoo ceoA company should focus on its culture. Like what she did with Yahoo, a company should focus on its culture. Believing that technology companies like Yahoo live on talent, she maximized on this. According to Mayer, one should find the energy, use this around the company culture to fuel innovation.  To grow, a company must fun ways that will prove useful for the customers.

Think of design in a big way.Citing Apple as the exemplary company on this area, she said that Apple has indeed set the golden standard. They have tapped on what’s natural and innate in people and have incorporated these in their designs.  And it is what it should be: “ Human interactions with technology should just be human.”

Apple has, since then, changed the way people look  at and expect from design.  Start to see design in this way, that people today play a certain role in people’s lives.

Allocate specific resources for innovation.  According to Mayer, the other end of innovation (besides stagnancy) is execution. When one is focused on executing, there is very little room for new ideas.

Companies have conflicts on whether they should do the same things 2-3x better or should they do 2-3 things more?  But this should not be an issue for there is a way to achieve both.  How? The key is that a company must allocate specific resources for a few teams to work on these innovative ideas.

At 37, Mayer is the youngest in the elite list of Forbes 500 CEO. 



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