From Softwares to Flowers


Bryan Burkhart was the senior VP for global sales at Callidus Software. At 28 y,o he was responsible for 76 employees all over the world. Yet he was dissatisfied. he didnt find more chances fo growth and he found the product he was selling as boring.

He wanted a product that people love. And he aimed to apply technology to a market that has yet to use it.

a $35billion dollar industry in the US, he thought of selling flowers. Posting an ad to buy a flower shop, Burkhart put up H.Bloom.

They launched in 2010. He has corporate customers on a subscription basis, reducing spoilage, thereby reducing costs. Together with his partner he set up customers on a subscription basis reducing costs from spoilage and a software to make the business run efficiently.

Soon after they launched in April 2010, H.Bloom opened in 4 cities more.

Today,H.Bloom has 80 employees with an ¤18million venture capital.

Part of his growth plans was to set up H.Bloom University, a program that grooms future team leaders for her flower shops. A lot of these 80 employees, from managers to floral designers, are participants.

He believes that building a team and developing talent is the foundation of any business.



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