A Blog Men Watch For


Ben Clymer has always liked watches. Looking at his Omega watch and asking what makes it special, he ended up posting on a blog about it. That led him to do more researches on bigger brands and write about them each day.  A GQ editor came upon his blog, featured him on the magazine thus bringing about a thousand visitors on his blog. That was his first big break.

Hodinkee  is mainly a blog with reviews about watches though it  does a bit of retail selling bands, straps, pouches and ties. The blog gets 300,000 unique visitors from 50 countries each month. With visitors whose average income is $250,000,the blog is definitely a catch for advertisers. However, they only have advertisements from brands that Clymer himself would personally wear. For someone who did not write any business plan on his Hodinkee business, Clymer has a revenue of six figures.

What’s  his advice for other other entrepreneurs?  Just do it. Don’t worry about the business plans. If it is a good idea, the money will come.



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