The Scrubba- Wash Clothes, Anytime, Anywhere

Scrubba-wash-bagHere is one recent innovation that will be of great use to frequent travelers. The Scrubba.

All you have to do is rub and press the Scrubba and your clothes are washed. No electricity needed.

With a small amount of soap and a few liters of water, you can now wash a few clothes per load without even going out of your hotel room. While you rub the Scrubba, the small nodules inside the bag help clean your dirty laundry. Check the video below.

And it won’t make your backpack heavy either. It is made of lightweight material (weighs less than 160g) and you can easily fold it and fit it into 1 of the large pockets.

For 59.95, you can get the Scrubba in 3 color options-black, red and blue.

Not only will you save water during your travels, you will save time and effort and money from going to the laundrymat.


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