Vending Machine for Toddlers Only

vending machine for toddlers

For sure there are those health conscious Moms out there worried about what their children will eat in school. Or perhaps you are one of those who steers her child away from the vending machine of high-in-sugar-only products each time you pass by it.

Well for 82% of the British parents who have problems finding healthy food for their babies, here comes the relief.  This UK-based manufacturer of children’s food has given you one relief- a vending machine that offers 12 kinds of healthy snacks. Yepp, HEALTHY snacks.

(It’s about time someone came up with one)

As reported on Ella’s Kitchen vending machine is just right for your toddler. It stands 115cm high and is even designed with features to make it easy for these kids to operate.

So next time, you  go to the mall for sure you will be the one dragging your child to grab one of those Munchy Biccies or perhaps the Nibbly Fingers snacks.

And yeah, adults can get some too 😉 


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