Hitler: A Marketing Tool?

hitler wine - CopyWell in India at least.

Who would have thought that the man considered to be one of the most evil persons in the world can become a marketing tool.

A store opened up in India and named itself Hitler. Read related article on Huffington News. Although the store owners refused to change the name, the city has torn down the shop. In an interview with BusinessWeek, one of the co-owners said that the Hitler name has made his store famous. That Ahmedabadis do not dislike the name because Hitler has not done any bad thing to India.

Other businesses who have used the Hitler brand in India
• 2006, a café in Mumbai called itself Hitler’s Cross
• 2011, Hitler’s Den , a poolhall, opened somewhere in Nagpur
• Movies using Hitler : Hero Hitler in Love (romantic comedy)
: Hitler Didi translated Big Sister Hitler ( soap opera)

Adolf Hitler Wine
Now, Hitler’s popularity as a marketing tool is now being used by winemakers in Italy. The statement
“Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Führer!, “Der Prosecco Vom Führer,” and “FÜHRERWEIN,” are now in their wine bottle labels.

The Adolf Hitler wine is reportedly a part of the Lunardelli winery’s Historical Line which also featured the faces of Benito Mussolini (Italian fascist director) and Joseph Stalin. Although Winston Churchill is also part of the series.

Perhaps using Hitler as a marketing tool has proven effective for these business owners. But is it right?

You decide.


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