Jason ___________?


“What’s in a name, That which we call a rose  By any other name would smell as sweet”

What is in a name indeed? Jason Sadler surely thought there is more to it.

A small businessperson from Jacksonville Florida, Jason Stadler started out in 2009 with a company which he called IWearYourShirt. Companines bought off his day (or week) and Jason wore a tshirt with the logo of that company. Well, his advertisements do not just end by him wearing his tshirt around the house. Some of these companies were Starbucks,Angry Bird and Nissan amongst others.

Like any smart entrepreneur out there, he engaged in social media as well. From online videos where he is seen wearing the tshirts, talking about his clients to writing about his clients and posting pictures of himself going about his daily routine.

Jason got paid for doing something that most (if not all of us ) got to do for free . By 2011, Jason

Has an annual revenue of $250,000.

Now, what is Jason up to these days?

An auction for his last name.

Yes, Jason is selling his last name and will legally change it by 2013. The bidding started last November 11 and will end on December 12. As of writing, Jason’s current last name is JLABAUDIO who has bid $34500.

Why sell his name? As he had changed his last name 3 times already and has never had any sense of himself from his family lineage, he thought why not? To add, he finds his sense of self from building his company so he finds it as another logical step in his life.

What’s in a name? Who will Jason be when the new year comes?


Jason Sadler is now Jason HeadsetsDotCom. The online seller of headsets has won the bid at $45,500.


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