Shake,Charge and Call

How many times have you thought of throwing away your “useless” phone when you find out it has run out of juice just in time when you were trying to make that very important call?

Perhaps this emergency onboard charger might be your solution. Shashank Priya, an Associate Professor in Virginia Tech and his colleagues are designing this charger. How will it generate energy for the cellphone?
This charger draws energy from the piezoelectric force generated by our fingertips by clicking the keypads or giving the cellphone a good shake. Priya and his team used PCT, a piezoelectric polymer under the cellphone keypads to experiment on how much energy conversion will happen from the pressure waves.

What’s the result? About 10 microwatts of electricity. Priya claims it is enough for an emergency phone call but for a continuous use of the phone.

So perhaps that next time you shake your fist (cellphone on hand) up in the air, it might not be out of rage but just yourself trying to recharge your phone.

Do you want one of these chargers?


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