Feed Your Pet With An iPhone

It just keeps coming.

Do you have a pet? Are you one of those who leave too much food on its feeder afraid that it will go hungry while you are gone?
Well, there is no more reason for that fear. Your iPhone will solve that for you.Pintofeed is designed to feed your pet at the touch of a button on your iPhone or any other smart phone.

Here is how it works: connect the pet feeder on your home’s wifi and then remotely connect your pet feeder with your phone. The feeder can automatically set a schedule for the feeding time. However, you can also remotely tell your Pintofeed that it is time to feed your pet. It dispenses half a cup of feed each time. When your pet has been fed, you will then be notified. You can even choose between an SMS, twitter or Facebook notification. If you own more than 1 of these pet feeders, you can control all of them with 1 account. At the same time, multiple users can access the same feed. So your partner can feed your pet if you cannot.

There is also no need to worry if the power goes down or the motor breaks down. There is a battery for backup power and also a secondary motor if there is an error with the first one. You will also receive a notification if something went wrong with your feeder.
One thing though: only dry food allowed.

Pintofeed is offered in 2 sizes: 5 pound size for your Chihuahua or the 10pound size for your bigger pets. This is still in prototype mode though. Check more stuff about the Pintofeed on Indiegogo. or watch this video.